Tips to take care of your car

Taking Care of Your Car 

Many will know what detailing is, some will practice it, others will be their obsession or perhaps you have never heard of it. For the latter is directed this report on the detailing or detailing in cars, the care of the exterior and interior appearance of the car driven to the extreme. Are you the ones who like to take the car impeccably clean? It’s for you.

It comes to us from the United States and, something that only a decade ago was totally unknown in Spain, is now a source of income for a good number of workers, either through the sale and distribution of specific products or in specialized workshops that perform this type of Thorough cleaning.

And it is that in this of washing the car there are many levels of finish and requirement, from the terrible tunnels of rollers to the washing by hand. But there are also degrees when washing the car by hand because surely you know someone who squirts Fairy in the bucket and stays so wide thinking that he is taking care of his car because he washes it with a sponge.

No, there is a whole world of products to care for the car outside and inside, there are even different types of finishes according to personal tastes (gloss, matte or satin for gums, for example). A world to take care and maintain all type of materials and that will allow you to have your car always like new … no, better than new, of exhibition.

But what has to be very clear is that you do not necessarily have to be a real expert in this detailing or make it an obsession to get good results. Using the right products you can see a remarkable improvement even if we are not professionals and do not spend much time caring for the car.

And another important point is that it is always better to wash on clean for two reasons, it is less laborious and if we let a lot of dirt accumulate it is easier to damage the surfaces because of it or when removing it. So do not be lazy, three quick washes faster than one when you do not even know what color the car is.

We will not go into details of brands or different types of finishes or variations within the same product, but we will see the basic process to treat a car on the outside and inside, something that can be done if the car is brand new But also if he is already a few years old and has never been taken care of as well. In the latter case the results are more remarkable although the ideal would be to treat the car from the first day. We start from the outside.


At hand, of course, no washing tunnels or water jets under pressure that damage the paint. Yes, I know that by far not, but we are talking about level up in the cleaning of our car, so it touches hose, bucket and … baize? It is not so easy and we will need a couple of tools minimum to wash the entire car, although I advise three: brush, cloth and glove. And eye, never, never let the car dry while soaping, so do not wash it in the sun.

Brush for the tires, a very dirty part of the car and difficult to access. With a specific brush we can reach any corner without producing cuts or scrapes in the hands and without getting dirty. It is important to clean not only the outside of the tire, but also what you can not see, because if we do not, there will always be dirt jets or they will come out when we ride on wet.

Cleared up

There are no secrets with the rinse, with lots of water, little pressure and from top to bottom. Without putting your finger on the tip of the hose, better a good stream of water that will drag all the dirt and soap well. And from top to bottom for the same as before, to go from clean to dirty and not spoil the work already done.

If we have delayed a little in the wash and we see that we are going to dry some part of the car should clarify it before it happens and then give a general clarification. And special attention must be paid to the joints between parts and to the grids, we must carefully work on these points to drag all the soap accumulated and do not dry or then appear unexpected chord tones.

Nor should we forget to give a good cleaning to the interior of the steps of wheel, that soon it is frankly ugly to see a clean car with the steps of wheel full of dust or mud accumulated. You have to take care of the details, that’s precisely what it’s all about. More on cleaning your car 


Yes, you have to dry the car, it is not worth centrifuging at 120 km / h. If you do not dry it remain the marks of each and every one of the droplets accumulated in the body and the crystals. And the ideal way to dry it is with a towel or microfiber cloth, which does not scratch the paint and has a great absorption power.

If you use clothes that you know you are going to need a few to dry the entire car (and more for other processes), that’s why and for ease of use it is recommended a towel and if above has pockets to place hands, even better. Where do we start? Guess … Yeah, up and down (one more time).

We spread the microfiber towel on the ceiling and slide it through the whole piece without pressure, it alone is responsible for absorbing the water and leave the roof completely dry. When we already have the roof we are going down, each one has his routine, I pass to the windshield, hood, front flap, full front door, tailgate, rear flap, back, reverse side in reverse order to end on the front. As long as there is no area to be washed and goes from top to bottom, any order is good.

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