How to keep your car clean

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Cars are exposed all the time to various environmental factors, starting with the air, sun, rain, mud, the dirt of birds, people who lean on and leave the marks on their hands, all these actions, Some a little more, others a little less leave a bad aspect and can damage the painting.

On the other hand, its interior can be dirty with food, drinks, mud or simply dust, being able to damage the upholstery, to stain carpets and to give a bad aspect to the board.

While there are easy options such as a laundry room, there is no greater satisfaction than doing the work yourself and much better if it is with homemade and non-abrasive products.

The cleaning both external and internal of the car is very important, to maintain it and guarantee its conservation, avoiding future aesthetic problems, as well as to keep in mind to sell it in the future and to be able to sell it at a better price.

The most important thing to maintain the cleanliness of your car is to be constant and detailed: Ideally, choose a day of the week that you have free and dedicate to this activity. Also, you must be careful and clean the whole car in detail, if you prefer you can do a quick wash? Every week and every two to make one more intense and deep.

Always wash your car after a rainy day outdoors, as the substances contained in the water can seriously deteriorate the paint.

Before starting the washing, remove all the accumulated dirt with a good bucket of water and a very damp sponge, to avoid ruining the enamel and the paint. Clean the car by sections, starting from above to avoid further damage to the work already done.

Use a sponge and clean water for each part of the car, differentiating by material, that is, one for the body, another for the struggles, another for the tires. This way, you will avoid contaminating one with the dirt of the other, since each material usually attracts different dirt.

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How to clean the interior of the car: carpets, dashboard, and upholstery

Carpets & Rugs

Start by cleaning the interior, remove the carpets outside and clean them with a homemade powder of sodium bicarbonate or fine salt.

Any of these tricks based on products you surely have in your cupboard or any nearby market and a good brush will remove any stain and dirt that may be harming this part of the interior of the car.

In case your car is more modern and includes plastic carpets you should only use water, a good shampoo, and a sponge to remove dirt, this material is easier to clean as it is less porous.

Board or console

The dashboard is the space where all the commands of the car, the steering wheel, the air, the glove box and other parts that depend on the car you have been housed. Many times this space is forgotten when cleaning, however, is that the more pollution and dust houses, since it is frequented and used all the time.

Depending on the age of your car this part will be made of different materials, wood, plastic … whatever it is, it is the space most frequented by you and your family, so it is best to use a cleaner that is neither harmful nor a pollutant.

A good option is to mix equal parts of water and vinegar in case it is plastic and add a tablespoon of olive oil to the wood. Spread with a spray and gently wipe with a new, damp sponge. To reach more difficult places it is preferable to use swabs or smaller sponges, always moistened previously to avoid scratches.


To clean the lights both front and rear you just have to use some toothpaste, water, and a sponge to leave them as new.


The upholstery of your car’s seats can be made of real leather or eco-leather (also called leather), whatever your composition you must start with a clean and suction surface with a good brush to remove dirt, crumbs, and dirt.

Then you should go for a more thorough cleaning and you can opt for a homemade solution based on a part of water and a half of white vinegar, then dry with a clean rag like polish.

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How to clean the exterior of the car: body, glass, tires

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Is the body the skin? Of the car and generally the part to which more attention is paid. Surprisingly, the shampoo and conditioner you use every day to wash your hair (especially baby ones) can be the best cleaner for your car.

You should apply them with a sponge (never in circles) and water. Never apply the product directly to the surface. The most important thing is that the products you use do not contain detergents that can deteriorate the paint of the car.

The drying method is very important, since leaving it in the air can leave marks, towels can leave marks. So it is best to wear some cotton cloth, suede or plush. 

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