The Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta’s longest lasting destination started  in March 1889, a traveling show bound for Marietta right outside of Atlanta Ga., moved a little south of its destination when struck with a couple of financial issues forced the owner into bankruptcy. Two weeks later, entrepreneur George Gress bought the collection of animals that were intended to apart of the Atlanta zoo at public auction and donated the animals to the city of Atlanta. The leaders of Atlanta relocated them to picturesque Grant Park, a favorite local area and busy travel destination. The Atlanta area now had a zoo featuring a jaguar, a hyena, a black bear, a raccoon, an elk, a gazelle, and camels, Atlanta’s first zoo like venue opened to the public that April in the Atlanta Ga area.

Atlanta’s community involvement was part of the Zoo’s life from the beginning, and was what kept this zoo afloat.  The Atlanta zoo had private citizens donating animals and Atlanta newspapers welcoming new arrivals and spearheading fund drives for the new Atlanta Zoo. The largest of these resulted in the introduction the Zoo’s first ever elephant, in 1890. As a matter of fact this was the first Elephant to ever take a single step in Atlanta Ga.

Now more than 125 years removed from its origins, Zoo Atlanta has evolved from a small picnic stop in Atlanta where people visited wild animals to a large organization seeking to engage Atlanta citizens and Georgia residents alike in the lives of its animal conservation and the preservation of their counterparts in the wild. The mission, animals, programs and people of Zoo Atlanta will ensure that history will continue to be made.


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Originating as a place where railroads would preside in the early nineteenth century and evolving into a prominent location for all sorts of airlines in the twentieth century,, Atlanta is a “city on the move” in a couple different ways. Located in northwestern Georgia, Atlanta combines the localcality of its Southern origins with a more progressive spirit that enabled it to rebuild from the complications of war, winning  the battle of racial intolerance, and become a thriving business and cultural center, this is what Atlanta is today. Businesses were also thriving during this time if you would like to learn more about an Atlanta business click over to our home page. The city’s attractions were also spotlighted when it was hosting the 1996 Olympic Games, which provided even more opportunities for Atlanta to display its energy and its will to move on from tough times, that is what we as people do in Atlanta. Whether you are an Atlanta resident or an Atlanta tourist we can all respect Atlanta as a great city located in the midst of Georgia.

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