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A Few Tips On Keeping A Car Clean


As in most things, cleaning the vehicle can go as far as the desire or the time you have. There will be people who prefer to wash it in a fast but effective way and others who will like to take the time to leave it as if it were fresh from the factory.

Outdoor washing of our vehicle

For the exterior washing of our vehicle we can choose between three possibilities. The first and most comfortable for us will be to take it to the washing tunnel. For a price of between three and ten euros, depending on the tunnel and the program we choose, he will clean it externally. Even in some cases they do the same with the bass and the rims.

The advantage of this method is that it will take less than five minutes, the car will be quite clean and we can wait with our hands crossed. Its drawback: the aggressiveness of the rollers will end up leaving little scratches on the body. And in some cases, if we have mud for example, you will not be able to effectively remove it from the wheel arches or lower part of the fins.

The second method we can choose is pressure washer. We can do it ourselves at the gas station and if the car is not very dirty, practically with the soap and the water that we project from the hose will leave us clean the car, being able to emphasize in certain places that are more dirty.

Clean Car
From this derives the thorough or detailed washing of the vehicle in which by means of buckets of water (a couple of them), specific products and a long time (two or three hours) we leave the vehicle as fresh from the dealership. The ideal is to have a place to do it because in the street is prohibited and in some gas stations also for the time that is invested in it. Make sure you visit the home page

This last method is for cleaning fans who like to have the car always like the first day, with the paint in perfect condition and in which we can see ourselves reflected. When you finish, you will be tired but very satisfied although I assure you that it will not rain in the next few minutes ...

Inner wash of our vehicle
Clean Car
For interior washing we also have three options and no, to put it in the tunnel washing with the doors open is not one of them. In this case the first option is to do it ourselves, with the vacuums available at the gas stations.

For one or two euros and a quarter of an hour we will vacuum the vehicle completely and with a few more minutes we can remove dust from the dashboard and other places. Let's not forget the crystals, especially the front. Here it is worth investing a little time and leave it clean and without any fat remains that would make uncomfortable reflections with sun or at night.

If again we are fair of time it is best to make it professional. From ten euros a complete cleaning of the interior is usually done and from there, as the price rises, it will include special treatments for rubber, dashboard plastics, carpets, carpets, seats (especially if they are made of leather so that Remain in top shape).

Clean Car
All of this can also be done by us. With patience, products and advice that can be found in specific forums we can leave our vehicle that could well be eaten inside it. Or not, because we would stain it and we would have to start over.

Why did you talk about road safety before? Well as we talked about how important it is to keep the front moon clean to have an optimal view of everything around us, something similar happens inside.

A broken carpet or with vitiated shapes can cause us to lie on one foot or block one of the pedals, as well as a central tunnel full of loose things or trays that look like a showcase and that in case of collision can become a Authentic missile shuttle.

The less unnecessary junk we bring in the better car. That it does not become our storage room as it will also have a very negative influence on the consumption of the car.

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