How We Can Get Your Interior Perfectly Clean  

The first task we have to do is empty the car completely, including the ashtray, and then pass a vacuum cleaner, both on the floor, removing the mats, as the dashboard and the seats.

Once this is done, we can proceed to clean the dashboard thoroughly. We must use either a cleaning liquid that we have bought previously or prepare ourselves with water, soap and a little ammonia. We will use a cloth and we must not forget the steering wheel and the interior of the doors, as well as the back of the seats. Need to know even more? Click here

Then we can move on to the upholstery area. It will only be necessary if we see that after passing the vacuum cleaner, there is some stain that we have to eliminate. For this, we can use some sprayer that we will find in any specialized store. We will need a brush to rub.

Now you have to clean the mats or mats so that they are ready before putting them back into place. For this, the first thing we have to do is shake them with force to eliminate the dust. Next, it is best to use a brush and the same solution with which we clean the dashboard. When they are dry, we put them back in place.

To eliminate undesirable odors, the most common is usually tobacco, we can resort to a very efficient remedy such as placing a few grains of lavender in the ashtray, which will help maintain a pleasant atmosphere inside our car. Also you can follow other advice that we give you in this article.
And if the goal is to set the car in general, find out how to eliminate bad odors so that the cleaning sensation lasts longer.

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