Tire Shining and Door Detailing 

Initial Considerations

Tires and spokes are always the most filthy components of our cars. Thoroughly cleaning the tires and spokes of your car is essential for a perfect finish. These parts tend to accumulate dirt since they are the ones that roll on the asphalt and are exposed to the dust and gravel.

They are also a point which is not usually taken special care of and that can completely ruin the perfect image of a newly washed car.

Another point that we will deal with in this article are wheel arches, areas that also accumulate a lot of dirt and that tend to forget when washing, aggravating the effect of tires and dirty tires.

The first step when doing a car wash, always be the tires and tires the starting point, since as a rule we always start with the dirtiest areas or where the dirt is more adhered to avoid splashing later areas that We have already cleaned.

We must also take into account that it is always preferable to work on a cold surface, especially in this case as the brakes accumulate and transmit to the tire a lot of heat, which in addition to safety can cause the products used to dry prematurely on the surface. In the same way, it is also advisable to perform the process in the shade to prevent sunlight from increasing the temperature of the surfaces.

These two recommendations are basic when carrying out any process.

In addition, the proper care of the tires means not only aesthetic improvements, but also safety and durability as the rubber is more protected, preventing it from cracking and being in perfect condition for longer.


Process description

Usually the detail of the tires is done with the wheels mounted, since it is not always possible to have the time and space to remove one by one all the tires. However, whenever there is a possibility and we want to finish a great job it is preferable to disassemble the tires for their total cleaning, especially the inner face. The process is similar, except in this case it will be done on both sides of the rim and even the areas hidden behind the screws and in contact with the axles, which will give us a visibly more perfect result. Also in this case, we can take advantage to make the corresponding detail of the wheel arches, which are completely accessible.

The first step is always to soak the area to be detailed to eliminate the most superficial residues and soften the more adherent dirt.

In any case, it is advisable to be very strict with the time of application of the wipers indicated by the manufacturer, since these are strong products in general and allowing them to dry on the surface can have undesirable results as marks. For this reason it is preferable to perform the complete process on each tire before proceeding to the next tire. Check out our home page to learn more about all things cars.

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